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စဉ် အမည် ရာထူး
‌ ဒေါက်တာသဉ္ဇာဝင်း ပါမောက္ခ(ဌာနမှူး)
ဒေါ်မြင့်မြင့်မော် တွဲဖက်ပါမောက္ခ
ဒေါ်မျိုးမျိုးခိုင် ကထိက
ဒေါ်ယမင်း ကထိက
ဒေါ်ချယ်ရီသန်း ကထိက
ဒေါ်ခင်ခင်ဦး ကထိက
ဒေါ်ခိုင်ဆုလတ် ကထိက
ဒေါ်မြတ်ငြိမ်းချမ်း ကထိက
ဒေါ်ချောစုထွေး လ/ထကထိက
၁၀ ဒေါ်ဇာနည်ဝင်း လ/ထကထိက
၁၁ ဒေါ်လွင်လွင်မာ လ/ထကထိက
၁၂ ဒေါ်ယဉ်ဝင်းချစ် လ/ထကထိက
၁၃ ဒေါ်ချောစုလှိုင် လ/ထကထိက
၁၄ ဒေါ်သူဇာခိုင် နည်းပြ
၁၅ ဒေါ်ရီသားဒေဝီ နည်းပြ
၁၆ ဒေါ်အေးသဇင်ဖြိုး နည်းပြ

Faculty of Computer Science တွင် သင်ကြားလျက်ရှိသည့် ဘာသာရပ်များ

Year Subject Code Subject Name Course Description
First Year CST-101 Computer Fundamental Computer Generations

Basic Computer Organization

Number Systems

Computer Codes

Computer Arithmetic

Processor and Memory

Secondary Storage Devices

Input Output Devices

Computer Software

Computer Language

Operating Systems

Business Data Processing

Data Communication and Computer Networks, Multimedia

First Year CST-103 Data Structure Data Structure Operations & Complexity

String Processing

Array, Records and Pointers

Linked List

Stacks, Queues, Recursion

First Year CST-104 C++ Programming Basic C++

Loops and Decisions

Arrays and Strings







CST-201 Java Programming Basic Structures

Expressions, Statements and Operator

Control Flows and Arrays

Procedures and Functions

Object-Oriented Programming

Java Application Programming Interface(API)

Encapsulation and Polymorphisms

Multiple Class Inheritance and Interface

AWT: Applets, Applications and Event Handling

AWT: Layouts

Swing: Applets, Applications and Event Handling

Swing Components, Menu and Toolbars

Swing Dialog Boxes

Working with Multiple Threads

Talking to Database



CST-203 Advanced Data Structure Simple Sorting


Binary Trees

Hash Tables



Third Year CST-301 Computer Organization Digital Logic Level

The Micro architecture Level

The Instruction Sets

Third Year CST-301 Operating System Computer System Overview

Operating System Overview

Process Description & Control

Threads, SMP & Micro Kernels

Uniprocessor Scheduling

IO Management and Disk Scheduling

Third Year CS-306 Advanced Java Programming Networking with Java

Understanding RMI

Introduction to J2EE

Introduction Web Containers

Understanding Servlet Programming

Understanding Servlet Sessions

Understanding of JSP and JSTL

JDBC and Database Programming

Third Year CS-306 Programming


Evolution of the Major Programming Language

Describing Syntax and Semantics

Lexical and Syntax Analysis

Names, Binding and Scopes

Data Types

Expressions and the Assignments Statement

Statement level Control Structures

Fourth Year CT-401


Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Agents

Solving Problems by Searching

Informed Search and Exploration

Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Adversarial Search

Fourth Year CS-403 Analysis of Algorithms Models of Computation

Design of Efficient Algorithms

Sorting and Order Staticstics

Fourth Year CS-403 Operating System Process Synchronization


Memory Management

Virtual Memory

File System Interface

File System Implementation

Distributed System Structure

Fourth Year CS-406 Computer Graphics A Survey of Computer Graphics

Overview of Graphics System

Output Primitives

Attributes of Output Primitives

Two-Dimension Geometric Transformations

Two-Dimension Viewing

Fifth Year CT-501



Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Agents

Practical Reasoning Agents

Reactive and Hybrid Agents


Working together



Fifth Year CS-502 Analysis of Parallel Algorithms Basic Parallel Algorithms





Generation Permutation and Combination

Matrix Operation

Numerical Problems

Fifth Year CST-503 Distributed System Characterization of Distributed Systems

System Models

Distributed Object and Remote Invocation

Operating System Concepts


Distributed File System

Naming Services

Time and Global States

Coordination and Agreement

Fifth Year CS-505 Compiling Technique Finite State Machine

Implementing Finite State Machine

MINI-BASIC Lexical Box

Pushdown Machine

Context Free Grammars

Syntax Directed Processing

Top Down Processing

Fifth Year CS-505 Programming Language Names, Binding, Type Checking and Scopes

Data types

Expressions and the Assignments Statements

Statement Level Control Structures